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Name: Dusty Squires

Band: Night Demon



I have never heard or seen anything like this before!


If there's one thing I need on tour or in the studio, it's a dependable snare. 101 Drums offers that and so much more. My 14x6.5 Black Diamond has great attack that is focused and precise. Tuning is a dream. I'm able to go high or low depending on the room, and it cuts through with ease. I hit this thing with everything I have and it doesn't affect the sound ever! The tension rods stay tight the whole show, so I'm not stuck tightening between songs. I don't have to worry about temperature change because of the unique composite wood fiber shell. I'm constantly touring and my 101 is as much of a road dog as I am! A plus all the way!



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101Drums are a brand new company specialized in making drum shells out of new materials & with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums

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