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Name: Ian Brunnberg

Band: Violet Janine



Having tried basically every snare available on the market, i just gotta say, the 101 Drum beats them all! The depth and tone is way ahead of the competition and it always stays in tune!

A great work horse both live and in studio sessions.

I proudly endorse 101 Drums and i’m very glad to be a part of their family.


I also play Ludwig Drums, Wincent Sticks and Paiste Cymbals.

/ Ian Brunnberg



Ian have played with different artists and done studio gigs through the years and also served in the Army as a drummer. Ian has also worked and toured as a drumtech for Mikkey Dee (Nordic beast) , Ian Haugland (Europe) and Per Soläng (Corroded).

Now I am playing with the Swedish band Violet Janine and we are recording our second album in January 2018.



Ian Brunnberg plays a  14 x 6,5" 101 "Black Diamond"

Photo: Niklas Blomqvist



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