101Drums specializes in making drum shells out of new composite woodfiber material with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums
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101 (One o One) is a Swedish drum company based in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. We are specialized in making drums out of new materials and of highest quality. We make our drum shells with utmost precision & eye for detail...


It all started in the early 90’s with Ola Bengtsson(founder) and his father.  They had a dream to build the world's best drums. Drums that not only sounded superior, but also drums that would be problem free and of great benefit for the working drummer. They completed the building of a few drum kits before Ola's father sadly passed away.


Some years later, Ola was back on track, more eager than ever to carry on building drums.  He embraced the challenge and went on to find the correct know-how and people to help him fulfill his task. Eventually he came into contact with Hampus Hansson, a drum nerd working in the local music store. Ola presented his ideas and the drums that he & his father had built. Hampus was immediately hooked as he saw the raw potential of these great sounding drums and their interesting manufacturing process. Ola also contacted former co-worker Poul Nielsen, who has a long time insight in the music business, both as a musician and working with other bands "behind the scenes". Poul also saw the potential of 101 Drums, and started working together with Ola.

Our Mission

We intent to do our utmost to produce the best drums ever made & we do understand that not everyone has the same sound ideal of what's the best sounding drum.  We hope to be able to present a wide variety of drum shells and even custom made shells so that we in some way will be able to hit everyone's sweet spot in sound preference.


But, our mission is bigger than this. We want to be able to produce such products with exceptional quality and precision. By using technology that enables us to make drums in completely different ways than traditional drum making, we are able to make drums without tension making the drum sound deeper and have more low-end. It's just a small part of our continuing process of trying to refine our drums, making them the ultimate choice for drummers, musicians and technicians world wide.


Still Our mission reaches even further.


We now live in a world where the human impact on the environment is undoubted. We choose to work with materials that are made from recycled material and other materials that may be refined to be more Eco-friendly than normal wood or other conventional materials used in drum manufacturing.


Our dream is to be able to have a zero impact on the environment in the future and still be able to make the best drums in the world, not only for your musical preference but also for the environment.

101 Drums - Black Diamond snare
101 Drums 4,5" snare shell



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101Drums are a new company specialized in making drum shells out of new materials & with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums

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