101Drums specializes in making drum shells out of new composite woodfiber material with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums
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Name: Cederick Forsberg

Band: Crystal Viper - Blazon Stone




Blazon Stone


Bio: While the guitar is Cedericks greatest passion, drums has always been a important part of his life as a musician.  In recent years the drums have been in the background, only used for various recordings with projects such as Blazon Stone and Rocka Rollas, and occasional live stand-ins for others bands... Until Crystal Viper (Poland) called requesting a new full-time drummer...



Since joining Crystal Viper I realized I needed to upgrade my inventory, and 101 Drums catched my attention.


I liked the idea behind the construction and listened to some liveclips with 101 drummers. It was an easy decision. Without even trying I knew this was gonna be a safe buy. Once I put on my favorite drumheads and wires it feels way more inspiring than anything I've ever had in the past.




Cederick plays a custom build and custom wrapped 14 x 6,5"  Diamond serie snare

Another cool video from Cederick. Tuning down his snare to get that ´80´s sound.



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101Drums are a new company specialized in making drum shells out of new materials & with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums

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