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Name: Johan Franzon

Band: Johan  has been touring internationally for many years and this includes tours with Scorpions (MTV Unplugged Tour & Sting in the Tail Tour 2014), CWF (Joseph Williams & Bill Champlin), Tommy Funderburk (ex. Airplay), Paul Young, Tomas Ledin, Carola Häggkvist, E-Type, Veronica Maggio to name a few. Currently Johan is playing with Swedish artist Tomas Ledin



When I got the first prototype snare I had actually never played the 101's. I was in the studio where I keep my gear so I put it to the test with 2 of my "go to" snares... Bam!! What an incredible snaredrum this is! Lots of depth and punch, great dynamics and the crack of a metall shell. I've played it every day since I got it in many different situations.

I just love my new 101 snare!


/ Johan Franzon



Johan plays a custom build 14 x 6,5" 101 "Johan Franzon  Signature Snare"

The drum is fitted with Black lugs and combined together with Black Nickel DieCast & S-hoops and a Trick snare strainer (Black edition) with PURESOUND Custom Pro snarewire. The heads on the Johan Franzon Signature Snare are Aquarian high velocity .


Johan Franzon is endorsed by 101 Drums and YAMAHA Drums



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101Drums are a new company specialized in making drum shells out of new materials & with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums

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