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Name: Julia Thulin


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My name is Julia Thulin, I am 19 years old and drumming is a great passion of mine. I sit down and play my drums every day and I have a strong inner drive to improve myself! I try to play and learn as much as possible from many different drummers, to attain as much knowledge as I possibly can. I play a lot with my teacher Jonna Löfgren, which I think is very educational and fun!


I am very grateful and happy that 101-Drums wants to be a part of my goal to become one of Sweden’s greatest drummers! Beyond this I have a passion for improving the music business and making it a more equal environment for everyone. Therefore I run my own project called ‘’Trumma i takt med jämställdhet’’ (‘’Drumming to the beat of Equality’’), where I conduct interviews on the topic of gender equality in the music industry. Several big-name drummers in Sweden have been part of this interview series. The project is also starting to get noticed in other parts of the world and not just Sweden, something I am very happy about.


In the future I will broaden my horizons and also focus on more musicians other than drummers, since all instruments are needed to create music. Equality is therefore important in all parts of the music industry. I will have lectures for different schools to push extra hard on the fact that the music industry should strive to have better equality in the future. Music is supposed to be made out of joy and anyone should have the opportunity to do anything.

Instruments are not bound by gender.


Julia plays a 14 x 6,5" Diamond Serie snare with custom designed drumbadge.



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101Drums are a new company specialized in making drum shells out of new materials & with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums

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