101Drums specializes in making drum shells out of new composite woodfiber material with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums
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Name: Matt Dobson

Band: Toledo Steel



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"Not only does my signature Black Diamond snare drum have an overall killer sound to it with great response and dynamics, but it also really packs one hell of a punch”.



From early experience gained playing the drums in south coast venues in England, Matt then went on to found Toledo Steel along with vocalist Rich Rutter and original bassist Felix Dock.


Since the band's birth they have brought their own brand of high energy heavy metal to stages all around Europe, and with the release of the band's debut album 'No Quarter' through Dissonance Production in May 2018, they have become a force to be reckoned with.


“My first experience with 101Drums, was hearing Dusty Squires from Night Demon playing his Black Diamond snare whilst on tour with Accept. I had heard great things about 101Drums snares, but to hear one being played in a live situation was something else and from then I had to get myself one of the Black Diamond Snares



/ Matt Dobson



Matt plays a custom build 14 x 6,5" Black Diamond snare



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101Drums are a new company specialized in making drum shells out of new materials & with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums

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