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New cool 101 Tour Jackets available

Some exciting stuff is going on in the 101 custom shop

April 19 2019.

May 06 2019.

These very cool 101 Tour jackets are now available. Embroided on the front and print on the back. Only 69.99 GBP + shipping. To order your jacket, send an email to Sharon: shazmegs@gmail.com

There are some really exciting stuff going on in the 101 Custom Shop at the moment. We give you this picture for now, but more to come.


Don´t forget to contact us if you have any questions about our custom snares or maybe some questions about our very unique material.


Are you a drumbuilder, and want to build a snare using our composite woodfiber shells, just get in touch with us for more info on pricing.

We are happy to welcome Sven Dirkschneider to the 101 Family

January 26  2019.

Sven Dirkschneider joins the "101 Family". Sven Dirkschneider was very impressed when he got the opportunity to test some 101 snares when they played Amager Bio in Copenhagen, on their last tour. Since then we have talked about the ultimate snare for Sven, and the 14 x6,5" Smokey Diamond "Sven Dirkschneider Edition" is now Sven´s main snare. The snare has a cool rusty look, and together with the Black Nickel hardware it looks really nice.


Sven´s artist page will be uploaded soon.


If the U.D.O. tour comes to a city near you, go check them out. and have a listen to Sven´s amazing 101 snare.


U.D.O. Online

Rockstar Drum Academy’s "Drummer of the year 2018"

January 07  2019.

Exactly 1 month ago....On Friday 7th December 2018, the 2nd annual years final of Rockstar Drum Academy’s "Drummer of the year 2018" took place at Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline between 2 amazing drummers Nathan Hutchinson and Joe Petrie. The turn out and support for these 2 guys was brilliant. A real battle took place between the 2 with total dedication and concentration.


The overall and worthy winner NATHAN HUTCHINSON, who was over whelmed by his 1st prize of a specially made snare drum by 101 DRUMS, SWEDEN.Only a few weeks before Nathan had asked his mum for a new snare for xmas, so Nathan now has proof that dreams do come true. The First prize was presented by non other than Carl Williams.

To the left: The Hutchinson Family with Nathan in the foreground.

Happy New year from the 101 Team

January 01 2019.



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