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Rockstar Drum Academy’s "Drummer of the year 2018"

January 07  2019.

Exactly 1 month ago....On Friday 7th December 2018, the 2nd annual years final of Rockstar Drum Academy’s "Drummer of the year 2018" took place at Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline between 2 amazing drummers Nathan Hutchinson and Joe Petrie. The turn out and support for these 2 guys was brilliant. A real battle took place between the 2 with total dedication and concentration.


The overall and worthy winner NATHAN HUTCHINSON, who was over whelmed by his 1st prize of a specially made snare drum by 101 DRUMS, SWEDEN.Only a few weeks before Nathan had asked his mum for a new snare for xmas, so Nathan now has proof that dreams do come true. The First prize was presented by non other than Carl Williams.

To the left: The Hutchinson Family with Nathan in the foreground.

Happy New year from the 101 Team

January 01 2019.



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