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Special offer on a pair of Diamond Hoops in our webshop from Nov 1st. to Nov 15th.

October 31. 2021

We have a good deal on a pair of the new Diamond Hoops in our webshop. 20% discount valid from November 1st. untill November 15th. Use discount code: DHOOPS20 on checkout. NOTE ! For now the webshop and payments work only for Swedish customers. But of you live outside Sweden and you want the deal on the Diamond Hoops, please email Ola direct on: ola@101drums.se


You can find the 101 Drums webshop HERE

101 event on YouTube on September 1.st. and get a chance to win a Diamond Hoop (Batterside)

August  25. 2021

Enter our contest to win a Diamond Hoop (Batterside) , and watch our event on Lyssna Produktion´s Youtube channel on September 1.st. 9 PM (UTC+1)

To enter: Subscribe to 101 Drums & Lyssna Produktion on Youtube.


101 Drums on YouTube:



Lyssna Produktion on YouTube:

Lyssna Produktion


and..... head over to our 101 Drums Facebook page and give the competition post a "Like".


Help us out by sharing our Facebook post, so your fellow drummers also can watch the event on September 1.st.


There will be two lycky winners, and they will be announced during the first week of September.


We now have a new webshop featuring some of our products.

May  25. 2021

We now have a new webshop with some of our products ready to order. Some of our standard snares, the SupraNolic and our new Diamond Hoopas are among the products available. Ofcourse we still do Custom snaredrum orders, with your own design. We also have some T-shirts with Diamond Badgeprint and 101 Lanyards, so go and check out the webshop...buy some merch and support us. 101 Drums Webshop

101 Drums Spotify playlist - songs recorded with a 101 snaredrum

February 25. 2021

Finally we have made a Spotify playlist where we have songs recorded with a 101 snaredrum. Lots of great artist on that playlist.


Check out bands like Angel Witch, WOLF, Violet Janine, Corroded, Bullets & Octane, Troyen, U.D.O., Gyllene Tider,

Bonafide, Hellsmoke, TREAT, Lisa Nilsson, Pagan Fury, Alien, and many more.


The whole playlist is available on Spotify.


We will update the playlist on a regular basis, when we get info on new recordings.

Soundclip of our kit "1" from Jam Studio in Halmstad

February 02. 2021

Recorded at JAM Studios in Halmstad Sweden.
Drummer: Thern Pettersson.


This is the 101 kit "1" with the ultra thin SupraNolic®
14 x 6" snaredrum, and PAISTE 2002 Serie cymbals.


Special thanx to Jam Studios, Thern Pettersson & Micke Ek and Kristoffer Carlsson at IsoVoxbooth in Halmstad.


Also a Special thanx to: Christian Wenzel at PAISTE Switzerland.


Erik B Larsson testing our new Diamond Hoops

Januari 24. 2021

Swedish Drummer Erik B. Larsson is comparing the 101 Drums Diamond Hoops to DieCast hoops.


The 101 Drums Diamond Hoops are made of the same material as our unique composite woodfiber shells.

A very strong material.


Check out the video to the right

Mr. Ian Paice gives you his opinion on a 14 x 5,5" 101 snare

November 02. 2020

We had the honor of meeting Mr. Ian Paice a few times, and we told him about our unique composite woodfiber material which we use for our drums. We asked if he would like to test a 101 snare, and give us some feedback, and Ian was happy to do this.


First we build him a 14 x 8" and Ian asked us if we could do it with an internal damper mounted in the snare. And sure we did this. We talked about building a 101 snare using Pearl hardware, so he could give us some feedback playing with hardware he is used to, but with a 101 shell. This video is featuring that snare.


A big thanx to Mr. Ian Paice for testing and giving us feedback.


Nice review of the 101 14 x 5,5" STD snare in German magazine
"Drums & Percussion"

October 25. 2020

A really nice review of the 14 x 5,5" standard snare is out in the German magazine Drums & Percussion  Nov/Dec issue.


The magazine is in German, but lots of great stuff in the magazines.


Check out their website here:

We are happy to welcome Julia Thulin to the 101 Family

September 09. 2020

Julia is a 19 year old aspiring drummer from Sweden. We heard about Julia thru her project " Trumma i takt med jämställdhet (Drumming to the beat of equality). Julia really have a passion for drumming and has a goal to improve the music business and making it a more equal enviroment for everyone.



We are happy to welcome her to the 101 Family.


Julia plays a 14 x 6,5" Diamond Serie logo snare.


Read more about Julia here

Per Lindvall Signature snare by 101 Drums

August 25. 2020

A true honor to build a Signature snaredrum  for legendary Swedish drummer Per Lindvall. Per wanted it to have a "Prince" purple look, so we tried to do just that. The  snare is a 14 x 5.75" SupraNolic model with added Camco angels. The SupraNolic is our ultra thin shell with a thickness of only 1,5 mm (5 mm at the integrated reinforcementrings on the top and bottom.


Per Lindvall is a true legend and is probably the most recorded Swedish drummer. Artists which Per has recorded with includes ABBA, Janne Schaffer, Agnethe Fältskog, Björn Ulväus , Benny Andersson, A-HA and many others.


We are very honored to welcome Per to the 101 Family.

We are extremely proud to welcome legendary drummer and producer Carl Canedy to the 101 Family

August 12 2020

We are very happy to welcome legendary drummer and producer Carl Canedy to the 101 Family. We have build a custom Signature snre for Carl, and this amazing 14 x 6,5" snare is with the new Diamond Hoops.


Carl Canedy is an American drummer, producer and songwriter who first came to fame as the drummer of US Metal bands such as THE RODS and early MANOWAR amongst others during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. He also has worked as producer for other artists including ANTHRAX, HELSTAR, EXCITER & POSSESSED. THE RODS are still active at present and released their latest full-length work “Brotherhood of Metal” last year.


His band CANEDY’s album “Warrior” was released on August 7th, 2020 world-wide via Greece based label Sleaszy Rider Records.



Find out more on the "Artist page"


New video from U.D.O. featuring 101 keyplayer Sven Dirkschneider

August 1 2020

Check out the latest video from U.D.O.

Drummer Sven Dirkschneider recorded this album with his Signature 101 snare , and here is what Sven has to say:


'I am amazed! When we recorded our latest album ‚We Are One‘ in the studio we had to keep in mind that we’ll need to create a drum sound which cuts through an 70 piece brass orchestra and stays metal enough at the same time. Pretty difficult when you think about it - maybe in your mind but not with the 101 Drums Smokey Diamond 14“x6,5“ snare drum. It’s such a great sounding snare and it was so easy to get the right tuning and sound. So punchy and crisp at the same time and still giving you the right amount of warmth. Definitely a must have snare drum in the studio!'


The all new Diamond Hoops presented by Erik B Larsson

July 7  2020

101 Keyplayer Erik B Larsson presents in this video the new Diamond Hoops. The hoops are made in the same composite woodfiber material as our unique drumshells.


Check out the video and hear Erik play his 101 snare with the Diamond Hoops in 3 different tunings.




Soundmix by: Cederick Forsberg

Please welcome The Smokey Diamond Kit "No. 1"

April 26 2020

Two "twin" drum kits were build in the 101 Custom Shop. The Ferrari red drumkit for Micke Syd in Swedish band Gyllene Tider, and this kit was played by Micke on their Farewell Stadium tour in Sweden summer 2019. And then......... this amazing Smokey Diamond Kit called "No.1"


This Smokey Diamond kit in the video is available for purchase, so please contact us if you are interested in this amazing kit.


Drums played by Cederick Forsberg

World Premiere - The 14" Diamond Hoops by 101 Drums Custom Shop

April 4 2020

We are very proud to present our brand new 14” Diamond Hoops. They are made of the same composite woodfiber material as our unique 101 shells. You get “The best of both world´s” when we talk metal hoops vs wood hoops. The Diamond hoops are very suitable for different genres like Rock, Jazz, Blues, pop etc.


Compared to the Die Cast hoops, the overall sound is a bit more mellow, juicy and less sharp. You get a warmer sound compared to Die Cast hoops. The rim shots are still there and the high frequencies are more under control.


The Diamond hoops are very sturdy and solid build and has very nice tonal properties.


For pricing check the "Products" page


Some input from tests done by 101 drummers:


*Achim Färber “Eisbrecher” – Germany:


*“After three days of intense playing, I would say incredible.”

*“My hearing impression is that the sound gets warmer and woodier”.

* “I would say that the new hoops are a winner!”


Martin Fürst – Sweden:


*“They hoops help the drum to open up a little earlier in the dynamic curve, and I really like that - the crack comes at a lower volume and there are obvious benefits from that.”

*“They look really nice and just from watching and touching them I felt that this is a product of highest quality.”

*“After playing them a while now they seem almost unbreakable, which was definitely not the case with some other woodhoops I tried some years ago!”


Johan Koleberg  “WOLF” - Sweden


*”The durability is very good. Almost as hard as steel”

*” My snare went more dry after putting these hoops on. More "wood character" sound.”

Ian Haugland “EUROPE” - Sweden


*“ The same high standard durability on theses hoops, as the 101 Black Diamond snare drum, in other words superb!”

*“ The quality is by far much better than any other brand metal or wood hoop that I have tried before, even the looks are better!

*” With these beauties you’ll never need to waste time and energy again, on getting rid of nasty ringing overtones!”


Erik B Larsson - Sweden


*“You’re getting extra response from your snare, without having to change the way you play!”

*“As soon as I put these hoops on my snare I was amazed by how large the sound got! No matter how I play, the snare sounds BIG!”

Product premiere on April 4th.

March 31 2020

As you probably know, we had to cancel the planned 101 Drumday in Stockholm together with PAISTE and Solna SoundRecording.


We hope we can setup a new event day as soon as this Corona crisis i over.


We had planned to release a new product on the event, and that part we will still do.


So check our Social Media & homepage for some exciting news on Saturday April 4.



Drum Day Stockholm 4/4-2020 postponed due to the "Corona" situation!

March 17 2020

Due to the current situation with the Corona virus, we have no choise but to cancel the Drum Day on April 4th. in Stockholm.


We will however monitor the situation, and try to find a new suitable date for the event.


Until then, stay safe everyone!


Zourman Drums & Johan Koleberg Recording launches 101DRUMS snare samples for 2BOX™ DRUMIT FIVE/THREE

October 30 2019.

We are very happy to announce this collaboration


The latest sample collection brings together Zourman Drum’s 2box knowledge, a fantastic sounding snare from 101Drums and Johan Koleberg’s drum recording studios in a great pack of snare samples. The custom samples are now released as a Zourman drum sampling product and customers can buy it as a download at the www.zourman.com site.

The 101Drums samples consist of 168MB samples, 6 different snare sounds generated from over 800 drum hits. With the 2box open sound source

approach, we were able to create a another sample package based on a great snare and release it in 2box file format.


For more info/details and previews of the sound please visit:


Kev Whitehead of Dare talks about his 101 snare

October 21 2019.

Kev Whitehead from Dare / John Lee´s Barclay James Harvest / Between the Vines talks about his 14 x6,5" 101 Signature snare. Kev has just been in the studio recording the new Dare album, and also been recording a Christmas album with his other band called Between the Vines.


We are looking forward to hear the results here at 101 Drums.


World Premier - The very first 101 drumkit is a fact

June 11 2019.

We are extremely happy to announce our very first custom drumkit. The drumkit is made for the legendary Micke Syd from the even more legendary Swedish band Gyllene Tider. The band celebrates 40 years, and they are going out on a huge Farewell Tour this summer.

Meetings with Micke started almost a year ago when he revealed the GT would probably go on a Farewell Tour in 2019. We had discussions about a possible drumkit in the unique 101 material, and we thought it would be very cool that our first drumkit would be made for Micke and Gyllene Tider. Now Micke have had the set for a few weeks, and he is very happy with the sound. And so is the drumtech and the rest of the band. We are looking forward to hear the kit on big areanas around Sweden this summer. Check out Gyllene Tider HERE

Gyllene Tider Tourdates Summer 2019


July 4: Halmstad, Brottet – sold out

July 5: Halmstad, Brottet – sold out

July 6: Malmö, Mölleplatsen- sold out

July 10:  Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott – sold out

July 12: Skövde, Boulognerskogen

July 13: Linköping, Stångebrofältet

July 15: Uppsala, Botaniska Trädgården

July 17: Lysekil, Pinneviken

July 19: Ronneby, Brunnsparken

July 20: Kalmar, Fredriksskans

July 24: Piteå, Pite Havsbad

July 26: Rättvik, Dalhalla – sold out

July 27: Stockholm, Stockholm Stadium

July 31: Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen

August 2: Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms Slott

August 3: Gothenburg, Ullevi

August 8: Trondheim, Sverresborg Museum, Norway

August 9: Fredrikstad, Bjølstadjordet, Norway


Micke Syd and his Ferrari Red Custom 101 kit at the rehearsals

New cool 101 Tour Jackets available

May 06 2019.

These very cool 101 Tour jackets are now available. Embroided on the front and print on the back. Only 69.99 GBP + shipping. To order your jacket, send an email to Sharon: shazmegs@gmail.com

Some exciting stuff is going on in the 101 custom shop

April 19 2019.

There are some really exciting stuff going on in the 101 Custom Shop at the moment. We give you this picture for now, but more to come.


Don´t forget to contact us if you have any questions about our custom snares or maybe some questions about our very unique material.


Are you a drumbuilder, and want to build a snare using our composite woodfiber shells, just get in touch with us for more info on pricing.

We are happy to welcome Sven Dirkschneider to the 101 Family

January 26  2019.

Sven Dirkschneider joins the "101 Family". Sven Dirkschneider was very impressed when he got the opportunity to test some 101 snares when they played Amager Bio in Copenhagen, on their last tour. Since then we have talked about the ultimate snare for Sven, and the 14 x6,5" Smokey Diamond "Sven Dirkschneider Edition" is now Sven´s main snare. The snare has a cool rusty look, and together with the Black Nickel hardware it looks really nice.


Sven´s artist page will be uploaded soon.


If the U.D.O. tour comes to a city near you, go check them out. and have a listen to Sven´s amazing 101 snare.


U.D.O. Online

Rockstar Drum Academy’s "Drummer of the year 2018"

January 07  2019.

Exactly 1 month ago....On Friday 7th December 2018, the 2nd annual years final of Rockstar Drum Academy’s "Drummer of the year 2018" took place at Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline between 2 amazing drummers Nathan Hutchinson and Joe Petrie. The turn out and support for these 2 guys was brilliant. A real battle took place between the 2 with total dedication and concentration.


The overall and worthy winner NATHAN HUTCHINSON, who was over whelmed by his 1st prize of a specially made snare drum by 101 DRUMS, SWEDEN.Only a few weeks before Nathan had asked his mum for a new snare for xmas, so Nathan now has proof that dreams do come true. The First prize was presented by non other than Carl Williams.

To the left: The Hutchinson Family with Nathan in the foreground.

Happy New year from the 101 Team

January 01 2019.



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