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We welcome Carl Williams to the 101 Family

November 30  2018.

We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Carl Williams to the 101 Family. We met Carl at London Drum Show this year, and after testing our snares Carl was "instant in love". Carl did a cool drum session at the 101 stand, and we got some great reactions from the audience. After some discussions with Carl about 101 Drums, we decided to make a Carl Williams Signature snare,and below is the result. A beautiful snaredrum made of the unique 101 composite woodfiber material, with a shell thickness of only 2,5 mm (5 mm at the integrated reinforcement rings) The snare is fitted with gold look hardware, DieCast hoops, tubelugs, DW Mag-Throw with 3-position butt end, Puresound Custom Pro snarewire and can be delievered with aquarian or Evans heads.


Read a little more about Carl on the Artist page HERE


The Carl Williams signature snare is available to order from Dec 1, 2018

The normal price is 7990,- Swedish kroner. Introduction discount 10% valid until 31 of December.

Introduction price is: 7191,- Swedish kroner (Freight not included)

101 Drums - London Drum Show, November 10 & 11, 2018

October 10  2018.

101 Drums will be back at London Drum Show on November 10 & 11 at the Olympia in London (UK). If you plan to go use the 101 discount code and get 20% off your ticket price: 101DRUMS20


New snares will be presented and you will be able to get a good price on a custom snare at the show, so make sure to visit us at stand no. B11

Win a 14 x6,5" Black Diamond snare & Tickets to London Drum Show

In collaboration with London Drum Show, Rhythm Magazine & Music Radar you have a chance to win this beautiful custom 101 snare. Enter the competition before Oct. 31!


Below is what London Drum Show says about 101 Drums:


101 Drums were one of the big draws at the 2017 London Drum Show. The innovation and sheer volume of their ultra-thin composite woodfibre shells turned a lot of heads. They’re back at the show for 2018, and to celebrate we’re giving away this stunning 14”x6.5” Diamond Series snare drum.


The unique shell is just 2.5mm thick, and 5mm thick at the integrated reinforcement rings. The drum comes complete with black nickel hardware, tube lugs, die-cast hoops and DW Mag throw-off and 3-position butt end. To top it all, the snare features Puresound Custom Pro 20-strand wires, Evans UV1 and Hazy 300 heads and a cool custom 101 wrap.


The prize package also includes a pair of London Drum Show tickets so the winner can collect the snare in person from the 101 Drums booth, where the drum will be displayed. 101 will even make the winner a personalised badge for the drum, featuring their name!


Click here for your chance to win this fantastic prize.


Photo: Rhythm Magazine

We are happy to officially welcome Jonny Udell and Kev Whitehead to the 101 Family

September 23 2018.

We are proud to present two great drummers who are joining the 101 Family. Jonny Udell from US band Bullets & Octane and Kev Whitehead, drummer in UK band DARE and John Lee´s Barclay James harvest. Check more about them on the Artist page.

101 Drums - Jonny Udelll - Bullets & Octane 101 Drums - Kev Whitehead - Dare

Jonny Udell

Kev Whitehead

World Premiere - SupraNolic ® Probably the worlds thinnest woodfiber

snare shell.

August 11 2018.

We are very happy to introduce to you..... probably the world´s thinnest woodfiber shell, with a thickness of only 1,5 mm (5 mm at integrated reinforcement rings) We have named the snaredrum with this ultra thin shell: SupraNolic®. The snaredrum is a 14 x 6" and can be fitted to your liking. As standard the snare comes with S-Hoops and prices starts at 7400,- Swedish kroner. Ofcourse we can customise the snare with your personal signature drumbadge, and even custom printed wrap with for example your band logo or any other design you might have.


Get in touch if you have any questions about our snaredrums.

Cool "Drum cam" from Simon Santunione

August 02 2018.

We were approched by Simon Santunione, drummer in Swedish mega star Zara Larsson´s band, about testing some 101 snares. Last weekend Zara Larsson & Band played the Sofiero Castle outside Helsingborg, and we went there with a few snares. Simon did some testing during the afternoon, and he got so impressed that he wanted to test a snare at their show that evening. After some hard decisions, he went for the Smokey Diamond 14 x 5,5".


So check out this cool Drum Cam video from the show with the song "Ain´t My Fault" - Zara larsson.


You can follow Simon on his YouTube Channel HERE.

The 101 Family keep growing. We are pleased to welcome Jonathan Sketcher AKA Barefoot Legend

July 04 2018.

We are proud to welcome Jonathan Sketcher AKA Barefoot Legend to the 101 Family. It feel very nice that so many drummers are impressed with the 101 snares. First message from Jonathan when he got his Custom snare: "snare passes the test!..straight out the box!...perfect!"



You can find our more about Jonathan on the Artist Page.

Josh Watts of Operation Mindcrime is the latest drummer to join the 101 Family.

June 25 2018.

We are proud to welcome Josh Watts from Geoff Tate´s Operation Mindcrime to the 101 Family. Josh is playing a customized 14 x 6,5" Black Diamond snare with Special Operation Mindcrime look.



You can find our more about Josh and his bands on the Artist Page.

We welcome yet another artist to the 101 Family. Fredrik Jansson from

NWOBHM legends Angel Witch and Swedish band Lugnet

June 7 2018.

We are very happy that many drummers choose to play the unique 101 snares, and now we are pleased to welcome Fredrik Jansson from the Metal Legends Angel Witch. Fredrik heard about 101 Drums through a drummer colleque, and is now a part of the 101 Family.



You can find our more about Fredrik and his bands on the Artist Page.

We welcome Roger Landin of Hellsmoke to the 101 Family

June 5 2018.

We are very pleased to welcome Roger "Mini" Landin to the 101 Family. Roger is behind the kit in Danish/Swedish rockers HELLSMOKE. Roger is also a paintartist, so Roger has actually painted his own Custom 101 snare. The result is absolutely brilliant



You can find our more about Roger and his band on the Artist Page.

Family meeting in London

May 19 2018.

Last weekend in London. Three 101 drummers in the same venue....how cool is that.

From left to right:

Matt Dobson: Toledo Steel

Dusty Squires: Night Demon

Fredrik Jansson: Angel Witch


Matt says: ''With enough time before sound checking for Toledo Steel's album release show for 'No Quarter' as part of the Frost and Fire London aftershow, there's just enough time to catch up with fellow 101drums artists Dusty Squires from Night Demon and Fredrik Jansson from Angel Witch at the main event and talk about all things Black Diamond, and then catch them in action.''


Photo by: Stefan Rosic @ Flash Bang Wallop


Note: The day before Frost & Fire at the underworld, 101 Keyplayer Niklas Matsson from Bonafide also played the same venue. So actually four 101 drummers at the Underworld in London in only two days.


We are happy to welcome Matt Dobson to the 101 Family

May 12 2018.

We are excited to welcome Matt Dobson from UK metal band Toledo Steel to the 101 Family. Matt plays the 14 x 6,5" Black Diamond snare.


Check out more of Matt and his band Toledo Steel on his artist page.

Great review in Modern Drummer Magazine on our 14 x 5,5" snare

April 09 2018.

Check out the nice review of our 14 x 5,5" snaredrum in Modern Drummer Magazine May issue 2018. Review and video done by Cheif Editor Mike Dawson. You can read the review using the link below or even better. Support the magazine and buy a copy. Thanx to Modern Drummer Magazine and Mike Dawson for taking time out to test our snare.


Modern Drummer Magazine


Flemming Rasmussen from Sweet Silence Studios talks about 101 Drums with Mitch Lafon

March 26 2018.

Canadian Rock Journalist Mitch Lafon talks to Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen about his new 101 Black Diamond snare which he got for the Sweet Silence Recording Studio in Copenhagen.  It´s a long interview, but between 08:30 and 10:30 in the Podcast they talk about 101 Drums.


Big thanx to Mitch Lafon and Flemming Rasmussen. And we are looking forward to hear many recordings with the 101 snare from Sweet Silence Studio.


Check out the studio homepage here: www.sweetsilencestudios.com


Also make sure to check out Mitch Lafon, and all his great interviews.

Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon


We are very happy to welcome Herman Furin to the 101 Family

March 25 2018.

We are happy to welcome Swedish drummer Herman Furin to the 101 Family. Herman is a well respected drummer in Sweden and he is playing a 101 14 x 5,5" Natural Diamond Series snare.


Check out more about Herman on the Artist Page

We welcome "Keyplayer" Dusty Squires

March 18 2018.

We are thrilled to announce Dusty Squires from the American band Night Demon as our new "Keyplayer". Dusty is playing the Black Diamond 14 x 6,5". Night Demon just finished their European Tour together with metal legends Accept. It was a great succes and it will not be long before Night Demon returns to Europe again. Dusty recieved his snare at the start of the tour in Hamburg, and after 28 gigs he was really happy about the snare. It stood the test as Dusty says.


Check out more about Dusty on the Artist Page

Jamie Borger Signature snare 14 x 6"

March 06 2018.

101 Drums are very proud to announce the Jamie Borger Signature snare. It is a 14 x6" snare made of the unique 101 Composite woodfibre shells. The snare comes with Black Nickel hardware and a beautiful blue woodstructure wrap. We are very happy to work together with Jamie Borger on this special project, and we are very sure Jamie will be very happy with his new "baby".


Jamie is the drummer of Swedish hardrockers TREAT and a new album is due very soon. Jamie is also in charge of the drums in Talisman, Secret Service and Last Autums Dream. Find out more about Jamie on the artist pages

Ian Brunnberg new 101 Keyplayer

January 18 2018.

101 Drums are very happy to welcome Ian Brunnberg from Swedish band Violet Janine to the 101 Family. Ian has played with different artists and done studio gigs through the years and also served in the Army as a drummer. Ian has also worked and toured as a drumtech for Mikkey Dee (Nordic beast) , Ian Haugland (Europe) and Per Soläng (Corroded).

As we mentioned Ian is playing with the Swedish band Violet Janine and they are recording their second album in January 2018.


We are looking forward to work with Ian. Ian is playing the 14 x6,5" Black Diamond snare.

Fantastic weekend at London Drum Show

November 15 2017.

We had a fantastic weekend at London Drum Show. November 11-12.  The interest in our shells and custom snares were overwhelming from the start. It was a real treat to watch drummers in all ages get this "whauu" feeling when they hit the 101 snares. People were really surprised about the sound of the 101 snares. So a big "Thank You" to all who came by our stand.


In collaboration with London Drums Show, we had a competition where the Price we a Custom snaredrum 14 x 5,5". And this snare were not just "Any" snare. This snare has been in the US at Modern Drummer for review, and has also been used in recordings at the famous "Sweet Silence Studio" in Denmark. Below a picture of the happy winner Rich Calcutt. He told us the snare would already be in action with him the same night at a gig in London. A big congratulations to Rich.


And in the Rhythm Magazine / Music Radar voting for "Best Snare 2017" we were among 10 other snares nominated, which were a real honor for us. We can on 6th place, which made us really happy, as we were up against major brands. So thanx very much for that.

London Drum Show - and "Best snare 2017" nomination

November 09 2017.

Tomorrow, Nov. 10 we are leaving for London Drum Show which takes place at Olympia in London (UK). We are very excited to show our unique composite woodfibre snare shells and Custom Snares. We will have really good offers to the visitors coming to LDS this weekend.


We are also very excited that our Black Diamond 14 x 6,5" are among the 11 snare drums which has been nominated for "Best Snare 2017" We would be really happy if you would vote for the Black Diamond. Voting ends Nov 19th. Click on the link to vote:



We are looking forward to spend a few days at Olympia in London with lots of drum enthusiasts. And one lucky winner in Rhythm Magazine /Music Radar´s competition will go home with our special 14 x 5,5" Logo snare. Who ever you are, you are in for a "treat".


A new snare from the 101 Custom Shop is now ready for shipment to Palma Music Studio.

October 11 2017.

Our Custom Shop has just finished an order from Palma Music Studio on Mallorca, Spain. We produced a special wrap with their nice logo and ofcourse created a custom drum badge for this unique snare drum. The snare is a 14" x 6,5" fitted with black nickel hardware and Evans heads.


We are pleased that lots of artist will have the opportunity to record with this snare at Palma Music Studio and we are looking forward to hear some results very soon.


Palma Music Studio has been under construction for quite some time now, and they are in the final stages of completing the studio. Do yourself a favour and check out the studio here: Palma Music Studio on Facebook or Palma Music Studio website


We wish Palma Music Studio all the best, and we hope we will be able to come down and check out the studio very soon.


Another proud moment in the 101 Family history. We are exited to welcome Swedish drummer Johan Franzon to the 101 Family!

October 06 2017.

We are absolutely excited to welcome Swedish drummer Johan Franzon to the 101 Drums Family.


Johan has been playing a 101 Drums 14x6,5” Black Diamond prototype together with his YAMAHA kit for the last 4 months, and he has been extremely happy with the snare. In collaboration with Johan the 101 Drums Custom Shop has crafted a beautiful black 14 x 6,5”  Johan Franzon “Signature Snare”. The drum is fitted with Black lugs and combined together with Black Nickel DieCast & S-hoops and a Trick snare strainer (Black edition) with PURESOUND Custom Pro snarewire. The heads on the Johan Franzon Signature Snare are Aquarian high velocity



Johan Franzon has been touring internationally for many years and this includes tours with Scorpions (MTV Unplugged Tour & Sting in the Tail Tour 2014), CWF (Joseph Williams & Bill Champlin), Tommy Funderburk (ex. Airplay), Paul Young, Tomas Ledin, Carola Häggkvist, E-Type, Veronica Maggio to name a few.


Johan Franzon is endorsed by YAMAHA and 101 Drums



Here is what Johan has to say about his signature snare drum:


When I got the first prototype snare I had actually never played the 101's. I was in the studio where I keep my gear so I put it to the test with 2 of my "go to" snares... Bam!! What an incredible snaredrum this is! Lots of depth and punch, great dynamics and the crack of a metall shell. I've played it every day since I got it in many different situations.

I just love my new 101 snare!



Johan Franzon

We are very proud to welcome Ian Haugland (Europe) to the 101 Family

September 27 2017.

We are very pleased to welcome Ian Haugland, drummer of Swedish band EUROPE to the 101 Drums Family.


Ian´s first encounter with 101 Drums were at the Europe show in Halmstad, Sweden on June 30, 2017. At the show Ian played a prototype on the 14x6,5” Black Diamond snare, and to say that Ian was blown away by the sound of the snare is not an understatement. Ian´s first response after leaving the stage was “Man, this snare sounds so amazing, that I didn´t want to hit anything but the snare”, and that he said with a very big smile on his face.


I the months after the Halmstad show we have had talks with Ian about building a custom snare, and now we have made the ultimate snare for Ian. Our “Ian Haugland Signature Snare” is  a 14x6,5” snare fitted with the Europe logo and a special signature drumbadge. The drum has all Black Nickel hardware, and we are using the DW Mag-Throw snare strainer system with a 3-position Buttend. The snarewire used on Ian´s drum is the PURESOUND Custom Pro 20 strand Brass, and together with the unique 101 Composite Woodfibre shell it gives the drum an awesome sound.




Here is what Ian has to say about the snare drum:


After more than 30 years as a professional drummer, i have never played anything that comes even close to the sound of the snaredrum from 101 Drums. My first impression of it when i played it live, was how well it blended into the rest of my Ludwig kit without standing out too much or taking over the sound picture. It is loud, crisp, clear, responsive, dynamic, warm and durable. It is crafted by the guys at 101 Drums with the greatest knowledge, respect and love for the instrument and it's simply beautiful.


I never played anything as amazing as the snare drum from 101 Drums ever before!


Ian Haugland -  Europe

Ian Haugland Signature Snare - 101 Drums

Today we welcome Jesper Haugaard to the 101 Family

August 29 2017.

We are very happy to welcome Jesper Haugaard to the 101 Family. Jesper is the drummer of Danish Metal Legends Witch Cross + Whitesnake Tribute and Crime Club.


Here is what Jesper has to say about the snare drum:


I am very very Happy and proud to part of the 101 family. This is the best snaredrum I have ever played, it must be every drummers wet dream. I have yet to meet another drummer that doesn't fall in love with the 101 snare. The sound, the sensitivity, the loudness, and that amazing tone, whether you crank it up, or you have that "fat" tuning. I feel blessed, can't wait to take this beast out.

Cheers and big thanks to Ola Bengtsson and Poul Martin


Jesper Haugaard WITCH CROSS

101 Black Diamond 14 x 6,5" snaredrum

101 Drums will be at London Drum Show Nov. 12 & 13

August 25 2017.

On November 12 & 13 will will be at London Drum Show (UK). You will find us at Stand B13. So if you are in the area make sure to come and visit us and see the latest Custom Snares and our unique snare shells. You will be able to buy our snares and shells at the London Drum Show. We hope that this will be an interesting weekend for us and ofcourse the visitors.


SPECIAL OFFER! To get a 20% off the ticket price, use our special Promotion code when you buy your tickets. "101DRUMS20"

Visit the London Drum Show homepage HERE


Once again we are very happy to welcome a new drummer to the 101 Family. Per Soläng of Swedish band Corroded

July 17 2017.

We are very proud to welcome Per Soläng from Swedish band Corroded to the 101 Family of "Keyplayers". First time we met Per was at the Sweden Rock Festival where he had agreed to test our 14x6,5" Black Diamond snare. After the show when Per came of stage, he told us that he was totally blown away by the sound of the snare. So this saturday, July 15.... we went up to Kristianstad Rockfest to meet up with Per and the rest of the Corroded guys, and to hand over the Black Diamond 6,5" snare to Per.


Here is what Per has to say about the snare drum:


So, i've playing drums since '84. I've never been faithful to any brand regarding the drums, cymbalwise i am a proud ambassador for Paiste and Wincent regarding sticks, that means that I've tried and owned almost all of the bigger brands during the years, including their snaredrums. But I have to say, I have NEVER EVER heard anything like this one, a 14x6,5 snaredrum by 101Drums. First time I tried it was during our Sweden Rock Festival gig 2017, and I was totally blown away.  What a controlled sound, you have it all in one drum. Aggressiveness, depth and an amazing tone.


I am now a proud 101Drums-ambassador!! "


101 Drums Black Diamond 14 x 6,5" snare played by Per Soläng of Corroded

We are very happy to welcome Swedish Drummer
Jamie Borger to the 101 Family

May 26 2017.

We are proud to welcome Jamie Borger, drummer in TREAT, Talisman & Secret Service to the 101 Drums family. Jamie plays the 14 x 6,5" Natural Diamond snare.  From day one Jamie have had a "crush" on this unique snaredrum.


Here is what Jamie has to say about the snare drum:




This 14x6 ½ Natural Diamond snare drum has it all!


I like my snare drums loud and ringy, and man, this snare

is loud! It´s unique composite woodfibre shell gives the snare a punch and projection of a wood shell, yet the responce and resonance of a metal snare. I love the clarity of this great snare drum, down to every ghost note.


No matter if I´m in the studio recording or playing live in conserts, this Naturell Diamond won´t leave my hands.


/ Jamie Borger

TREAT, TALISMAN, SECRET SERVICE, Last Autumn´s Dream, studio…







101 Drums Natural Diamond 14 x 6,5"

Jesper from Danish metal legends Witch Cross tested our Black Diamond snares

May 08 2017.

This past weekend we had e field trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Drummer Jesper Haugaard from Danish old school metal band Witch Cross wanted to test our 6,5" & 5,5" Black Diamond snare. We had a great session and Jesper was very pleased with what he heard.


"Got to try a 5,5"x14" (One'o'One) 101 snaredrum today, and just as it's big brother the 6,5"x14" ..."amazing" is the only way to describe these snares. The 5,5" has a stronger attack, but without loosing any of the sensitiveness."


Picture below: Jesper Haugaard, Witch Cross with the 5,5" snare.


Jesper Haugaard from Witch Cross holding a 101 Drums logo snare.14 x 5,5"

Get your own custom build snaredrum with your logo

April 27 2017.

We just finished this 5,5" snare with our logo. If you are interested in ordering a custom build 101 snare with you band logo or maybe just your signature on it, please don´t hesitate to contact us. Our shells are made of composite woodfibre material, and are very lightweight. You will get an awesome sounding snare if you choose  a 101 snare shell. This snare below is fitted with black nickel hardware, DW Mag Throw-off & Evans Drumheads.


Check out Pascal Boy playing his new 101 snare

April 10 2017.

We recieved a nice video from our "Keyplayer" Pascal Boy. He has been very happy with his new 101 Snare drum, so he has composed a song in horor of his snaredrum :-) We think the video is very cool, and the snare sounds amazing.


Also...don´t forget to check us our on Social Media. Here you have our FACECOOK and INSTAGRAM. And our YouTube channel is right HERE.


We are happy to welcome our new "Keyplayer"

Feb. 20 2017.

We are delighted to welcome Niklas Skövde Matsson to  101Drums as "Keyplayer.  Niklas  is the drummer of the Swedish band Bonafide.


Niklas are playing the Black Diamond 14x5,5" Series fitted with Evans Drum heads.


Check out more about Niklas on our Artist page.

101 Drums keyplayer Niklas Skövde Matsson

Niklas Skövde Matsson

Our latest 6,5" snare has been on a "test" tour

Jan. 15 2017.

Our Natural 6,5" snaredrum has been out for some extensive testing, and with awesome feedback from the drummers. On this snare we present it with the untreated raw material, and we think that looks amazing too.

Natural finish 101 Snare drum.
Natural finish 101 Snare drum.

The prototype

Dec. 18 2016.

After a long time of planning, processing and just being patient we have finally constructed our finished prototype of a snare drum. We have been waiting for this for a long time and we couldn't be more excited! It's a 14"x 5,5" drum with a 2.5mm thick shell & 2.5mm integrated reinforcement hoops coloured in a Matte Black finish and.... it sound amazing! Super responsive and with massive tone! We are looking forward to see what response it will get in the drum community and how it handles in studios and on shows. Now we are eager to build more than ever!


Factory visit

Dec. 6 2016

Ola & Paul packed the car with concept drawings, prototype shells and the idea for a completely new product & set off to the factory! After hours on the road we had been talking so much about drums we were almost exhausted when we finally arrived. After a tour of the factory we sat down to discuss the further development of our shells and what could be improved. Then we presented our new idea and we are excited to see how the end result will be!


The proof...

Nov. 15 2016

A picture says more than a thousand words!


We wanted to be able to show you that our drum is the best so we ordered a resonant test of our shell compared to a typical maple shell often found on the market. Today we got the results and it looks great!


We couldn't be more excited about this, it has been a great motivational bonus for us here at 101Drums. Now we have got the proof of what we have known for some time now.. the best drums in the world are on their way!


Experimental Dynamic Characterization. 101 Drums Sweden

The Innovative 101 Drum Shell Technology offers:


• A Richer and more Dynamic Response

• The same Resonance Damping as current “Premium” Drum Shells


This is confirmed by Experimental Dynamic Characterization.





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