101Drums specializes in making drum shells out of new composite woodfiber material with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums
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Retailprices - 101 Custom Snaredrums

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Diamond Serie snares


Diamond Serie snare drums - Standard color "Natural"

We use Evans heads and DW Mag-Throw snare strainer, Puresound Custom Pro snarewire, & Tubelugs.  Hardware is available in chrome or Black Nickel. Special requests are possible.


All prices are with S-Hoops and "Natural look" as standard

14 x 4,5" Snaredrum: 6495,-  SEK    (Tubelugs) *   **

14 x 5,5" Snaredrum: 6695,- SEK   *   **

14 x 6,5" Snaredrum: 6895,- SEK  *   **

14 x 7" Snaredrum: 7195,- SEK *   **

14 x8" Snaredrum: 7395,- SEK (Tubelugs) *   **


Same as above with DieCast hoops add 1295,- SEK


We offer special printed wrap, so you can get your own design on

your snaredrum. Maybe your band logo or some other design.



* Special wrap: or paint in "almost" any color
1139,- SEK  Appx: 119 Euro


** Personalized Drum Badge 1049,- Appx: 110 Euro

Special paintjob/color: Ask for price


Standard snare

14 x 5,5" complete Standard snare (Smokey look) with
standard Black Nickel hardware, S-Hoops, standard snarestrainer and snarewire. 6495,- SEK


SupraNolic ®

14 x 6" Snaredrum with "Ultra thin" snare shell: 8995,- SEK

5 mm at integrated reinforcement rings and only 1,5 mm on the rest of the shell. (Paintjob or wrap + custom badge is included in the price)


Note: Since the Swedish kroner are very much floating at the moment we only display prices in Swedish kroner!


Diamond Hoops 14" 10 holes

The ultimate hoops - Diamond Hoops by 101 Drums Custom Shop




10 Hole Diamond Hoop - Batterside: 1495,- SEK

10 Hole Diamond Hoop - Snare side 1595,- SEK


Snare shells

For drumbuilders!


Natural shells complete with Baseball bat edge on batterside and  45/45 on snare side, snarebeds & integrated reinforcementrings.

Our shells is currently available in 14 x 4,5", 14 x 5,5" & 14 x6,5"



We can also provide RAW shells

( Clean cut - but with integrated reinforcement rings)

These shells are also available in the same sizes as above


For more info and pricing on our shells please send us an e-mail to:



Note: If you are a drumbuilder and want to re-sell snares build with

our shells, please contact us ! You can register with us and get your SPECIAL RE-SELLER PRICES!


Natural snare shells complete with Baseball bat edge on batterside and  45/45 on snare side, snarebeds and integrated reinforcementrings.

Raw shell, with rough edges and

integrated reinforcementrings

Our 3 standard 14" snare shells are available in 4,5", 5,5" & 6,5". The shells only need the holes for your desired hardware. Everything else is fixed. Our shells are probably the dream of every drumbuilder. The shells are made of special composite material, and does not react to heat or moisture.


(We can even provide a snare shell in any size you want).


We can also provide a complete snare with high quality hardware, or build a snare with the hardware and color of your choice. All our complete snare are fitted with Evans drumheads.  Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The shell

The first shell to leave the factory is a very thin and sturdy 2.5mm shell with integrated 2.5mm reinforcement hoops. This is very hard to achieve using wood, as it is a living material it will change due to weather changes and other natural forces. The shell we are presenting is made from a very wood-like recycled material using wood fibres but with much sturdier composition than wood & traditional wood drums. Meaning it will not change over time or be affected by natural forces such as humidity & temperature.


In the manufacturing process, rather than making 6 or 7 ply drums, our drums are made out of a flat mass, rolled together to make a extremely sturdy and solid shell. This means that there is almost no tension in the shell, not only making it sound deeper and rounder in tone, but also prevents it from wanting to ”spring” out and lose shape.Initially we offer standard sizes, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 22” drums. Other sizes from 4” up to 54” drums may be requested by special order.


101 Drums workshop
101 Drums - snare wrap

The Manufacturing Process

Over time, the process of making drums has changed drastically, always improving the methods to meet the requirements of more demanding drummers worldwide. We took a step into the future with our processing, looking at alternatives to wood. What we have been searching for is materials that have better sound qualities, sturdier construction and less environmental impact than traditional wood drums.


Our manufacturing facility specializes in working with a wide variety of materials with extremely high precision (down to one thousandth of a millimetre) and triple quality controls. Since we are working with a recycled, recomposed wood-fibre material rather than wood we have been able to manufacture a drum in different ways to traditional drums. We roll several ultra-thin layers together  to bond them together 'as one'. Due to this special preocess, the construction is much sturdier and has less tension in the shell. The seams are almost invisible and impossible to feel by touch. The grain of the material is also finer & denser than wood, making the surface super smooth which also benefits the sound of our drum shells.


You can hear the difference and you can most definitely feel it! Our drum shells are of the highest quality, nothing less would be good enough for us, to present to you.


Black Diamond Series - 101 Drums Sweden

Wood like composite material

Unique sound

High precision manufacturing



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101Drums are a new company specialized in making drum shells out of new materials & with modern technology. We also produce Personalized Custom snaredrums

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